UV/IRcut on KG3 - Infrared Blocking Filter

The Schott heat absorber filter glass KG3 permeable to UV radiation and blocked infrared radiation down 900nm due to absorption. I offer this filters with a additional dielectric UV/IRcut interference coating block up to 1200nm on the first surface.
The 2nd surface is AR coated to reduce reflections.
Filter bandpass is 390nm...680nm wavelength.
These filters are used in conjunction with an ERF filter in front of H-alpha systems or Herschel wedge to safe observe the sun.

  • Schott glass KG3
  • T~90% @400nm - 600nm
  • T~75% @656.28nm
  • dielectric UV/IR coating to 1200nm
  • back surface AR coated
  • blocked UV and IR up to 5000nm
  • 1.25“ with thread M28.5 for 79.-EUR (0pcs in stock)
  • 2“ with thread M48 for 119.-EUR (15pcs in stock)