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Used & Clearance


Sometimes I offer used and clearance items. The prices are negotiable.

In mediation for a Starfriend of mine for sale a TMB Apochromat 152mm F/8 (f1200mm) in good condition. The telescope has incl. a iris bafflle. The telescope has a fine image quality. Price is 7500 EUR +add. shipping

Meade Coronado Solarmax 90II RichView double-stack etalon with T-max tilt ring and case, very good clean condition, nice contrast, works good in double-stack or in single mode, price 2300 EUR +add. shipping (sold)

Lunt B1800 blocking filter 2inch connection, modified with the UV/IRcutKG3 filter for a brighter image and instead the blue-green BG38 filter, highly recommend for Lunt double-stack H-alpha systems, price 1090 EUR +add. shipping (sold)