BelOptik - Oliver Smie is a small business and was founded in 2009.

The company name is composed of Bel and Optics. Optics comes from ancient greek and means "science of light". Bel- is the short name of a south germanic god "Belenus- The bringer of light". It symbolizes a creative force. This is similar to the tradition of the Bible: "Let there be light- and there was light".

I'm an amateur astronomer and active observer the sun, so I offer development, building and selling optical devices and accessories for safe sun observation. Other optical solutions or mechanical components are available on request.

Personally to me

  • born 1980 in Dresden/Germany
  • certified optic technicians and industry master optics
  • self-employed since 2009

Employments in companies

  • Kamerawerk Dresden GmbH
  • Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH
  • Berliner Glas KGaA

From April 2016 up to July 2017 my company was closed, because my lovely and I does a long time bicycle travel:

Europe bicycle tour with Maria & Oliver